Here you’ll find the latest privacy policy for Your Free Trial.


Your Free Trial (@ is a new project built around free trial offers available from leading brands across a range of diverse markets. The objective will be to guide readers to the UK’s leading offers and to those many may not have otherwise been familiar with. A trial run enables usage of a service for a full month (typically 30 days) and from that point onwards the member has the option to continue or to cancel. Cancelling must be done in good time so that no charge is mistakenly took on renewal. We begin today with this privacy page that informs on the types of information that is tracked and how this data is used.


Many site owners study analytics. A range of services provide this data, but our preferred choice is StatCounter. This is based on their simplified real-time reporting. There are many stats presented that can be quickly studied. There are however just a few that we’ll be actively checking up on a regular basis. The most common one is total views for the day to check on our performance compared with historic days. The most popular pages then helps to identify which particular content pieces are bringing the most views. Trends can easily be identified from this data. Another stat of importance is averages time spent on pages that is helpful to boost browsing time to aid user experience.

Top referrers is also handy to identify where the visits are flowing in from. This could be a related site, social media site etc, but most referrals will be arriving from Google search. There is also a market share variation stat between desktop and mobile views that is always important to pay attention to in this smartphone era. One of the first things that we in fact did was to add a custom theme that is shown to those from phones for added readability. A switch option to desktop is provided. The main stats discussed help to improve our ongoing performance. Simple admin duties may include such things as marking suspicious IPs, server checks etc.

Partner Ads:

There are currently no adverts placed on any pages. This is likely to change once the site has moved out of development form. This will help to support our daily running costs covering such expenses as domain and hosting fees, promotion, the various paid plugins we use etc. When profits are generated the plan will be to then reinvest back into this project. As far as the type of partners used goes, Google’s AdSense is a common choice and then there are various affiliate programs that may pay for free trials being taken (this doesn’t affect the user’s ongoing plan price). We’ll update this page should any change occur to ad inclusion.


Ads/analytics function in the same way whereby tracking is undertaken from the usage of cookies. A cookie is a small data piece that will firstly mark a user by their IP address and then follow them around as pages are navigated. Browser settings is where you’ll need to go to if you’d like to modify how cookies operate whether that’s a full or partial block. We wouldn’t advise making any changes. The reason being that any sites that use logins or shopping carts will need them to be switched on and working fully.


Latest: December 28th, 2017.