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Netflix Free Trial Offer

Brand: Netflix
Business: Streaming service
Free Trial Offer: Full access
Trial Period: 30 days


Netflix’s formation by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings went ahead in 1997 with the site launch (at then following in 1998. The early approach taken was DVD rentals. Streaming as they operate today wasn’t introduced in the United States until 2007. Their big European charge went ahead in 2012 and they would soon become a household name. On the global stage they now have surpassed 109 million members who are spread across 190 countries. Their local performance has been more than impressive with their site now ranking as the UK’s 15th most visited. This is quite a feat considering that much of the activity of the service runs through their app.

Key Benefits…

Binge-Watching: Whilst it isn’t overly productive to sit through hours of TV, we all need some downtime! Netflix’s mission has been to make this process as effortless and as enjoyable as possible. There are no adverts that is a great start and you can even quickly skip the intro credits at the click of a button. In most cases, an entire series will be made available to stream in HD (and often in 4K). Streaming data trends does tend to be kept secret here. There was however a recent press release of “2017 on Netflix – A Year in Bingeing!” We wouldn’t pay much attention though since they only included stats for their Originals.

Content: According to (UK edition), there was currently 4935 available movies and TV series (Jan 1018). 1487 of which were TV shows. In contrast, American audiences had 5582. And so locally, that’s around 5000 options to stream instantly on your laptop, smartphone or TV. The choice is impressive, but they aren’t however the first choice when it comes to movies due to the various issues that come with the big Hollywood studios. A Daily Mail article back in 2016 reported that they had just 31 of IMDB’s top 250 rated titles. They do however shine in the series department noting such hits as Black Mirror, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy and Suits.

Content (In-house): Netflix Originals is content produced, co-produced, or distributed exclusively by themselves. Netflix’s funding has helped to bring to market such impressive shows as Bloodline, House of Cards, Mindhunter, Narcos, Ozark and Stranger Things. There have also been various comedy shows, documentaries and movies released. Alike with Amazon, in-house production is becoming a central focus.

Offline-Viewing: The ability to enjoy content on the move without an internet connection was greatly welcomed by all members. This is handy to hit play on your travels whether that’s on an airline or in a car journey. Unlike with the feature on Spotify, you will need to plan things out a little better here as smartphones only have limited storage and each episode or movie can take up a fair chunk of space.

Searchability: The app and desktop designs are matched whereby you have the varied categories on each line that can be scrolled across. It may be quicker to search in the main menu under whichever category you’d like. Categories like Recently Added and Trending Now are handy, but the removal of their star ratings wasn’t welcomed. We can see why this change went ahead though as the creators and studios wouldn’t have been happy with their titles carrying those dreaded 1 star ratings. You can at least still view reviews when using the site by reaching the title and then looking in the Details area. It does make sense to use guidance sites like IMDB, New On Netflix UK (unofficial), Rotten Tomatoes etc.

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Membership is straight forward whereby there are simply 3 plan options that each grant full access to every title. The trial period enables any of the 3 to be accessed for 30 days that will follow with the individual price being taken. The plan options include Basic (£5.99). Standard (£7.99) and Premium (£9.99). The Basic option may provide full access, but this is in standard definition quality with just the single playable screen. This is suited to those perhaps in remote areas where broadband quality is lacking. The Standard option brings in HD as well as 2 screen viewing at any one time. This would likely be the most popular choice with members.

Those fortunate to have a giant Ultra HD screen and top notch broadband may prefer to step up to Premium. They do have a fair amount of 4K content on there. The other perk is the option to view 4 screens at one time that suits the family home. The overall value is good here, but not so much for movie buffs especially in the horror genre. It is a shame that there isn’t more of a focus on securing more blockbusters and classics rather then the evident focus on Originals that is expected to continue. You can of course always test out rival services on free trials for added choice on the movie front.

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