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Audible Free Trial Offer

Brand: Audible
Business: Audiobook store
Free Trial Offer: 1 credit (use on any title)
Trial Period: 30 days


Audible’s history dates back to 1995. The brand has been operational in the UK since 2005. The founder (Don Katz) sold the company to Amazon for $300 million a few years later in 2008. He did however maintain his position as the CEO. The web popularity of has continued to progress well. The site’s local Alexa rank is now floating around #500. The (.com) in contrast ranks around #350 for US views. Most content is of course consumed through smartphones with their app having received 50 million+ downloads in Google Play. The option is however there to stream on the site. To listen offline on desktop, you’ll need to download the Audible Manager software.

Key Benefits…

24/7 Support: The need to reach an advisor won’t be essential to most members since the store runs smoothly on its own and there are various essential Q&As in the Help section. In the instance that contact is required such as to ask about an annual plan, you’ll be able to reach out to them 24/7. As well as the Chat function and email you can leave your mobile number and they’ll give you a call back.

Content: The content served up measures up well on both quantity and quality. There are now more than 200,000 titles to choose between with new titles arriving frequently. Most reputable publishers understand that this is the best place to get included and so most of the popular audiobook titles can be found here.

Content (In-house): Audible’s own creations (via Audible Studios) already have some impressive releases on their books. A recent example of note would be Andy Weir’s Artemis where the action takes place on the moon. You may recall his past story that was depicted on Mars by the name of The Martian that would in time be adapted to the big screen.

Free Audiobooks: Any premium titles will cost you a credit, but there are many freebies available in the store. These freebies are generally comedy shows, short interviews and the likes, but even still there is plenty of added choice. A common problem faced is that there is no internal way to search Audible by price to identify the freebies, the valuable titles etc. The only workaround to this would be to run an search. You’ll need to search under the specific brand category and then modify to “Under £5” and then sort the price by low to high. It makes sense to then switch the layout to Image View to see added page listings.

Refunds: Returns can only be processed in desktop mode. This option is made available when you are not completely satisfied with your title that will have had to have been purchased (not on trial). The number of returns is limited and you should only ever make one in the rare instance that time has been wasted on low quality material. Most members won’t need to head down this route, but it is at least good to have that added protection.

Searchability: Finding fresh content is made easy here. Firstly, you have the various best seller lists. Using the example of desktop, when viewing “Best of 2017 So Far” you can also check out historic best sellers by year (either released in that year or all-time to that point). Then there is a general Best Sellers list that marks what is trending over the past 7 days that can be split by category. Community reviews are also helpful and external Amazon reviews are often displayed. 5 star ratings are taken across the metrics of Overall, Performance and Story. Recommendations such as “People who bought this also bought” and later “Based on Your Past Purchases” also improve searchability. Finally, basic searching can be undertaken from clicking on the author to see related workings.

Offer: Audible Free Trial 2018 @…

You can either join a plan or choose not to by opting for one-off “a la carte” sales. The 30 day trial gets you started up on a plan where throughout the period you have a free single credit that can be used on any audiobook of your choice. Any title (regardless of price) is available and will remain yours regardless of the membership being closed. The cost of membership itself is £7.99 each month that grants access to a new single credit. At the renewal stage the option becomes available to upgrade to 2 books per month that’ll cost £14.99. There are also annual plans although these must be requested from their support team.

Buying extra credits will also become available once you have been on a plan for at least 3 months. The pricing example provided for this shows 3 credits being purchased at £17 (£5.67 each). Just remember that there is a limit of 5 credits on a single plan. Going the a la carte route means you aren’t tied down to a subscription and instead just purchase titles when you’d like to. This is however an expensive route to take whereby standard retail prices are headed. You may for instance need to pay £28.99 when you could have either got this for free on sign-up, or at a later point for £7.99 when renewing for just a month.

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